Based on state-of-

the-art spray drying


Calf milk replacers

Sprayfo milk replacers are cow milk based

Sprayfo has a complete range as calf milk replacers; all made on a basis of in-house produced milk-fat and whey-fat concentrates. These ingredients are produced mainly from by-products of milk-processing for human consumption. Skimmed milk is a by-product from cream production, were whey comes from the cheese production. These liquid by-products we receive daily, fresh and are pasteurized, homogenised and spray-dried shortly after arrival. This guarantees a constant availability of ingredients for calf milk replacer production and helps to create a shelf life time of 12 months for our Sprayfo products.

Most Sprayfo products are based on skimmed milk, because of the high quality of the dairy proteins and the great taste of the milk-fat concentrates. For more traditional farmers, or regions in development with a lower milk price, we also provide whey-based milk replacers.

With its superior quality and a milk powder content of 50% Sprayfo Royal is a front-rank LifeStart endorsed calf milk replacer in the market. Sprayfo Royal contributes to problem-free calf rearing: calves will drink it enthusiastically, show optimal health and grow maximally.

Sprayfo Excellent is a LifeStart endorsed high-quality calf milk replacer for dairy farmers who place the highest demands on their calf rearing. With Sprayfo Excellent you can elevate concentrations to a high level: up to 150 grams per litre of milk.

A LifeStart endorsed calf milk replacer for dairy farmers who opt for a familiar and trusted formula. Your step into the professional league of calf rearing.

Sprayfo Blue provides a well-balanced blend for proper calf rearing. Sprayfo Blue is based on unique spray-dried whey-fat kernels. Following the Sprayfo feeding and mixing advice your calves will develop well in the first few months.

Sprayfo Red is a calf milk replacer for economical and secure calf rearing. Sprayfo Red is very easily dissolved due to the unique spray-drying production process. It can be fed as a complete milk from day 14 after birth.