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Think big, start small

Think big, start small

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Harness the power of early life nutrition

As a pioneer in early-life poultry nutrition, we offer solutions that unlock the genetic potential of your flock right from the start. Our Erliva line of products provides optimal support for newly hatched poultry, through high-quality feeds and expert advice tailored to each stage of the rearing period. Our science-based solutions enable you to unlock the genetic potential of your birds by addressing five areas critical for their growth: nutrient needs, mineral and vitamin nutrition, nutrient digestibility, functional proteins, and feed presentation. Invest in your poultry today to unleash their productivity and maximise your return on investment, so your flock – and your business – can reach peak performance.

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At Trouw Nutrition, our deep understanding of early-life nutrition enables us to provide precisely the right feed, care, and advice to meet the needs of your flock. Our Poultry Research Centre brings together a specialised team of scientists from around the globe to develop the most innovative and sustainable solutions in the industry. We collaborate with researchers, nutritionists, veterinarians, feed suppliers, distributors, and fellow farmers, leveraging our internal expertise and global presence to help farmers succeed and drive industry growth.