Growth and health in

early stages has a

major impact on

overall performance


Rearing beef calves

Young beef calves need a good start to become productive in later life.

In most beef rearing systems calves are picked up from different small farms and brought together at a calf market or collection center. From there they are moved to a specialised starter farm. The result of travelling, grouping and travelling again is a lot of stress, which strongly lowers the immunity of calves.

To ensure a good start a correct protocol is important.

  • Reduce stress
  • provide a clean and dry place
  • feed ad libitum fresh water plus Sprayfo Hydravit
  • and ensure good ventilation

These are just a selection of topics to handle. Check the different beef rearing systems and contact our advisors for tailored support.

When you allow yourself a short break, we'll make it worth your while.

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