Rearing dairy calves

A good start for young dairy calves is essential for future health and milk production.

Investment in calf rearing has a great impact on farm profitability. The right feeding and care in the first phase of a calf's life is crucial for later health, productivity and dairy farm sustainability. The outcomes of our field trials and the results of our customers prove this time and time again.

Sprayfo solutions are a balanced mix of excellent feeding, smart planning and complete rearing supervision. With excellent calf milk replacers, animal health products, balanced feeding plans and protocols, Sprayfo has an impact on all rearing aspects. Sprayfo lays a strong foundation for the future productivity of dairy calves.

Rearing dairy calves topics

Around calving
0-2 DAYS
3-49 DAYS
8-10 WEEKS
5 months until breeding

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Growth in the first 8 weeks is essential for making use of the full genetic potential of dairy calves.

Correct feeding of dairy calves during the pre-weaning phase activates development of the udder cells (parenchyma cells), which in turn are responsible for future milk production. After these 8 weeks, we can no longer activate these cells, making this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sprayfo lays strong foundations for the future productivity of calves.

Calves must be born healthy and without problems. therefore, it is essential to provide a safe, stress-free and clean environment around calving. Each birth is unique, and requires your undivided attention for the  

Calves must be born healthy and without problems. Therefore, it is essential to provide a safe, stress-free and clean environment around calving. Each birth is unique, and requires your undivided attention for the cow and calf. Most cows give birth to a calf without assistance. If help is needed in too many cases, you should take a closer look to your breeding program.

In the first two days in the life of a calf, make sure that it receives sufficient antibodies from the cow’s colostrum. Also supply enough energy to maintain the calf’s body temperature functions. For good colostrum, make sure that the feeding strategy of the dam during the close-up phase is checked to ensure the colostrum quality and quantity.

After 3 days, dairy calves have to be fed sufficient amounts of calf milk replacer or milk in order to achieve optimum growth and to develop a healthy digestive tract and an active immune system. This phase is very important to achieve the optimum metabolic development of dairy calves.

Intensive milk feeding programs for calves require more time for adequate rumen development and therefore a gradual weaning process is needed. You should reduce milk feeding over a period of 3-4 weeks and not stop feeding milk earlier than 10 weeks of age. Such a programme improves dry feed intake.

Maintaining health and improving performance stage by stage

Supported by LifeStart science, Sprayfo offers a complete range of calf-rearing solutions that ensure optimum development during the early stages of life and to help maintaining a robust, healthy calf that is ready for high milk production. This allows farmers to produce more milk with fewer cows and to reduce the amount of young stock.

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