Sprayfo Excellent

When you look for maximum calf growth and health

Sprayfo Excellent is a high-quality calf milk replacer for dairy farmers who place the highest demands on their calf rearing. With Sprayfo Excellent you can elevate concentrations to a high level: up to 150 grams per litre of milk. You will clearly notice the results in the development and performance of your calves. Sprayfo Excellent is an ideal product for achieving the aims of the LifeStart Programme.


Excellent calf rearing

Sprayfo Excellent

Sprayfo Excellent is enriched with prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids, naturel vitamin E. and organic selenium.

Features & benefits

  • A LifeStart endorsed calf milk
  • Contains 30% skimmed milk powder
  • High pre-weaning growth
  • Up to 25% higher (daily) gain
  • Up to 500 L more milk in first lactation
  • Great taste and solubility
  • Supports the intake of calf starter

Application guidelines

Sprayfo Excellent can be applied via (teat) bucket, milkbar and automatic feeder.

  • Mixing ratio: 140 - 150 grams per litre of milk
  • Mixing temperature: 45 - 55°C
  • Feeding temperature: 40°C