Sprayfo Delta

Mother nature knows best

Sprayfo Delta has been developed with whole milk as the biological reference, combining the best of whole milk with the best of calf milk replacers. Inspired by saleable milk, Sprayfo Delta is high in fat, ensuring calves gets a high level of energy. In combination with a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals within the formulation, osmolality is close to whole milk, ensuring calves get all they need for the best possible start in life.


The latest formulation based on science

Sprayfo Delta

Sprayfo Delta was developed with whole milk as a biological reference and has several benefits above other CMR.

Benefits to the calf

  • Optimum organ development, especially of the mammary gland parenchymal tissue
  • Osmolality reduced by 20% and balanced mineral composition to meet calf requirements
  • Reduces the amount of indirect contact between that calf and its dam, lowering the risk of transmission of infections such as Johne’s disease

Benefits to the dairy farmer

  • High performance in the pre-weaning phase, improving future robustness and productivity
  • Peace of mind that every calf is receiving the best start in life

The result...

the proof of the pudding is in the drinking

Comparative trial with standard CMR

Sprayfo Delta was compared to a standard CMR. Calves in the Sprayfo Delta group grew better had less respiratory problems and were inseminated at an earlier age.

Comparative trial with wholemilk

Sprayfo Delta was compared to wholemilk. Growth between both groups was similar.

Comparative trial with wholemilk and standard CMR

Sprayfo Delta was compared to feeding whole milk or feeding CMR. There was no difference in growth between the calves fed wholemilk and the calves fed Sprayfo Delta. Compared to a traditional CMR, the calves fed Sprayfo Delta grew faster, adding almost 200 g more per day.


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