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Sprayfo is redefining calf to heifer rearing in a
healthy, safe and sustainable way

Trouw Nutrition has a clear vision towards redefining the way animal products are farmed and how we can help our customers in a healthy, safe and sustainable way.

At Sprayfo, everything we do is driven by passion and backed by science. Our innovative approach integrates nutrition, animal health and farm management to maximize performance and help our customers improve their business in today's rapidly changing world.

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Eile van der Gaast

Product manager

Sprayfo calf milk replacers

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Our specialists are here to help

Managing animals is not an easy task. And we know how various circumstances can influence the performance of your cows. Our specialists are here to help you find those particular details in the feeding process or on the farm that can help you to perform even better.

So feel free to contact us for some free advice or a farm visit.
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