We believe it makes more sense to invest in preventative, sustainable methods rather than allow problems to arise and seek a cure. Supporting farmers in growing healthy animals helps reduce the need for antibiotics, which is critical to tackling the challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Through our HealthyLife scientific approach, we aim to empower our customers to efficiently reduce their reliance on non-sustainable solutions such as antimicrobials, through an integrated approach that ensures profitability and animal health and welfare, while preserving environmental and public health.


Utilising the full milk production potential of cows is needed to feed the ever-increasing world population in a sustainable way. With our HealthyLife programme Trouw Nutrition provides solutions and science; allowing farmers to produce more milk with less resources, to reduce the environmental footprint.

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Health throughout your cattle’s life stages is the baseline that supports their development. The right optimisation of nutrients for efficient growth can make the difference between profit and loss. Trouw Nutrition’s programmes and solutions help your animals and your business reach their potential.


Layer health is a key factor to reach optimal performance, especially in late lay. Our programmes focus on maintaining the health status of layers leading to more 1st grade eggs.


The health status of broilers is a crucial element to reach optimal performance. Our programmes provide broilers with the right nutrients that support them with a healthy development.


Trouw Nutrition programmes are designed to support health development and maximum performance with optimal nutrients throughout their life stages. Our solutions can help your animals and your business achieve full potential.