Sprayfo calf rearing solutions, for the best LifeStart Sprayfo calf rearing solutions, for the best LifeStart

Sprayfo calf rearing solutions

The first months in a calf's life are crucial in growing a highly productive dairy cow

Sprayfo solutions benefit you and your herd with:

  • Higher daily weight gain during the rearing phase
  • Reduced mortality and increased resilience
  • Breeding and first calving 1 to 3 months earlier
  • Higher milk production by leveraging the calf’s genetic potential
  • Reduced replacement rate and increased longevity

About Sprayfo

Science behind it
LifeStart trial Kempenshof
60 years ago in Friesland

Science behind it

For modern dairy farmers, becoming more sustainable means the need to produce more milk with fewer animals. This challenge can be met by utilising each dairy cow’s full potential and maximising their average lifetime daily production. Attention to the quality of nutrition in early life, which strongly influences gene expression, is an important factor that affects maximum growth and future production potential.

LifeStart trial Kempenshof

The study: A total of 86 individually housed female calves, divided into two groups, were included in a longitudinal study at Trouw Nutrition’s Kempenshof facility. The LifeStart group was fed 8 litres per day of calf milk replacer; the control group was fed 4 litres per day. Both groups were fed at a concentration of 150 g/l.

Results: The LifeStart group had a 150 g higher daily weight gain until weaning than the control group. The difference this made for calves in the LifeStart group include: improved fertility, earlier first calving, an increase of 400 kg of fat corrected and reduced culling rates.

60 years ago in Friesland... the homeland of Frisian calves, the Netherlands

In 1958, the production of Sprayfo started in Sloten, a small city in the northern province of Friesland, the Netherlands. In that year cooperative milk processors - organised in the CCF - started an initiative to process fresh, liquid dairy ingredients into dry milk powder for young animals like calves, lambs and goat kids. Over the past 60 years, the company has grown substantially and has transformed from a cooperative, into the Trouw Nutrition/Nutreco/SHV company it is today.

During these 60 years, Sprayfo has evolved from a small local company into a strong successful global brand; available for and used by farmers from over 50 countries in every continent. The Sprayfo brand is trusted and recognised by customers around the world for its premium quality and performance.

Sprayfo: specialists in young animal nutrition

Our process of mixing, pasteurisation, homogenisation and spray-drying is tailored for young animal nutrition. As a result, our calf milk replacers have a great consistency and excel in stability, solubility and digestibility.

Cooperation and co-creation are central to our approach. We collaborate in development and testing with researchers, veterinarians, feed producers, distributors and last but not least dairy farmers and beef farmers from all over the world.

A proven concept for healthier calves and better performance

Supported by LifeStart science, Sprayfo offers a complete range of calf-rearing solutions that ensures optimal development during the early stages of life, resulting in a healthier and more robust cow that’s ready for high milk production. This allows you to produce more milk with fewer cows and to reduce the amount of young-stock. As a result, you can develop a truly sustainable business.

Excellent calf rearing. At every stage of life!

The Sprayfo range includes products specifically formulated to promote excellent growth and health at every stage of a calf’s life. This includes a choice of calf milk replacers, starter feeds and a range of animal health products calf health products to maintain optimal health and development even in challenging situations. Download our brochure and read all about excellent calf rearing at every stage of life.

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