Sprayfo Red

A calf milk replacer for economical and secure calf rearing

Sprayfo Red is a milk replacer for economical and secure calf rearing. Sprayfo Red is very easily dissolved due to the unique spray-drying production process. This milk replacer is suitable for bucket feeding, based on the correct mixing and feeding instructions. It can be fed as a complete milk from day 14 after birth.


Economic calf rearing

Sprayfo Red

Sprayfo Red is enriched with prebiotics, probiotics and organic acids.

Features & benefits

  • Economical alternative
  • Especially suitable for the weaning phase
  • Very tasty
  • Great solubility
  • Supports the intake of calf starter

Application guidelines

Sprayfo Blue can be applied via (teat) bucket, milkbar and automatic feeder.

  • Mixing ratio: 125 grams per litre of milk
  • Mixing temperature: 45 - 55°C
  • Feeding temperature: 40°C