Teaming up for world-class research and development

In an ever-changing landscape, Trouw Nutrition's Research & Development (R&D) activities are designed to translate world-class research into practical, economic and sustainable nutritional solutions. Our perspective is expansive, encompassing a broad range of scientific disciplines, with teams that include nutritionists, veterinarians, animal physiologists, microbiologists, immunologists and data and modelling scientists.

Species-specific, value-focused research teams

Our international R&D experts work on teams organised by specific species and disciplines. This includes core teams focused on:

  • Poultry: the poultry research team covers a broad range of industry issues including nutrition (feed), management (farm), and health, intended to develop a programme-based approach to sustainable poultry production
  • Swine: the swine research team consists of experts in basic and applied research in sows, piglets and grower/finisher pigs, that support the development of new, sustainable and innovative nutritional solutions
  • Ruminants: the ruminants research team brings expertise in young animal development and nutrition, nutrient homeostasis, gut health, and nutrient efficiency with a focus on energy and micronutrients
  • Ingredients: the ingredients research team consists of experts in the field of physical formulation, vitamins & minerals, that support the mixed products and premix business

Our work, executed to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, is coordinated by a dedicated team of experienced research and farm technicians with essential specialisations that range from feed production and quality control to animal welfare and statistics.

Trouw Nutrition is redefining farming

To adequately feed our rapidly growing world population, we need to redefine how animal products are farmed and develop new technologies to help us move beyond existing solutions. Watch this video to discover some of the exciting innovation happening every day inspired by the remarkable work of Trouw Nutrition’s dedicated research and development team.

Our goal is to develop new, efficacious customer-centric nutritional solutions at the cutting edge of technology and science. When integrated into our total programme approach, these solutions will deliver significant value to the consumer and support sustainability of the animal production system.
John H. Doelman, PhD. Director Global R&D Livestock Feed

Meet our research teams:

Swine Research
Ruminants Research
Poultry Research
Ingredient Research