Different challenges,

different water

balance regulation strategies

Sprayfo hydration control

Two solutions that are tailored to the exact need of a dehydrated calf.



Understanding the importance of the different types of dehydration and their respective way to tackle them is important because the correct way to lift dehydration of one type is less effective, ineffective or worse for the other type of dehydration. This has to with th fact that in one type of dehydration, there is a lack of potassium whereas in the other type of dehydration there is lack of sodium.

Dehydration caused by illness or stress demands a different approach

Knowing that dehydration caused by diarrhoea requires fast replenishment of sodium and a countering effect to the ongoing acidosis, a high potassium supplementation without buffers will simply not work.

Likewise, animals that are (slightly) dehydrated for others reasons will not benefit at all from an extra load of sodium in the amounts that diarrhoeic calves need.

Water balance regulation

Sprayfo has translated this renewed insight into two products that are tailored to the need of the animal. One for diarrheic calves and one for animals that need water and electrolyte as an additional support, e.g. in case of water deprivation as a result of transport.

Access to the right supplementation when it is needed will allow for full control of the hydration status of the animal.

Sprayfo OsmoFit is a dietetic complementary feed for calves to stabilize this water and electrolyte balance in case of diarrhoea. Sprayfo HydraFit is a complementary feed for increased water intake and supply of electrolytes.

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