Sprayfo HydraFit

Many factors influence the wellbeing and performance of animals on transport.

Confinement, water/feed deprivation, climate, strain, health challenges will all demand resources such as energy and minerals in order for the animal to cope with stressful situations such as for example transport.

If water supply is limited, transport time is prolonged and thus hydration is not managed properly, this will result in a drop in feed intake upon arrival and performance.

Sprayfo HydraFit is a liquid product that is able to provide intracellular fluid pool maintenance and health support before, through or after challenging conditions. It does this by providing the required salts and sugars in the right amounts and in the correct ratio. Therefore, HydraFit is always provided in a fixed concentration in water.


In case of transport stress

Sprayfo HydraFit

Sprayfo HydraFit is used to increase water intake and the supply of electrolytes to animals exposed (or expected to be) to stressful environmental situations such as, but not limited to, extended periods of yarding, transport, high temperatures and after periods of lack of access to feed and water).

The composition of HydraFit focuses on:

  • Mainly potassium salts and to a smaller extent sodium salts to correct the losses of these electrolyte minerals and to enable water absorption;
  • Magnesium salts to correct the losses and to support muscular activity, which is especially necessary in the case of animals on transport, which have been (counter) balancing whilst being in the truck;
  • Osmoregulation components like glycerol that allow water to be fixated inside the cells. This contributes to maintaining intracellular fluid pools.

The result... Increased water intake, increased rumination activity, increased growth and a reduction of mortality

Surveys among beef and veal farmers indicate that after transport calves and cattle if provided water will indeed drink, and drink more if the water provided has been reinforced with the required nutrients.

Field trials done with animals either drinking water with Sprayfo HydraFit or without showed increased water intake, increased rumination activity, increased growth and a reduction of mortality, all indicators of increased welfare.