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Deliver lifelong layer performance

The best start for highly productive laying hens

The first two weeks are critically important to both layer performance and the economic success of your farm. During this short interval after hatching, the pullet’s body changes drastically – and the right nutrition can boost a range of performance parameters, with long-lasting effects. Unlike regular starter feed, Erliva PullyCare meets your pullets’ precise nutritional requirements and is structured for optimal feed intake and gut maturity, to take your pullet performance and layer productivity to the next level.

The importance of the 2 first weeks of life


Experience the seven key benefits of Erliva PullyCare

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Increased bodyweight and size

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Better flock uniformity

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Reduced mortality

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Early onset of lay

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Optimal feed intake

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Improved egg-laying persistency

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Increased profitability

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Weight – and size – matter

Maximising benefits and delivering exceptional value to farmers

Your flock’s productivity depends largely on achieving not only maximum body weight but also size at an early age. Taller birds have longer bones, with a larger calcium reservoir and better calcium turnover, for optimal shell calcification and eggshell quality later on. During the first two weeks of life, growth speed is high while nutrient digestibility is poor. Erliva PullyCare is designed specifically for this phase of life, resulting in better body weight development and bigger birds. Formulated with the latest knowledge and science, it includes a well-balanced selection of highly digestible ingredients and the right nutrient levels. Packed in a micro-pellet, Erliva PullyCare has the optimal structure for the highest feed intake in young pullets. Better nutrition right from the start leads to long-lasting improvements in development and productivity.

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Level up your flock with Erliva PullyCare

Benefits of Erliva PullyCare