Erliva ChickCare

Better productivity, from the start

Reducing the gap between potential and performance

Young chicks need just the right mix of nutrients after hatching to ease the effects of dietary system change, transportation and reduced antibody levels. Nutrition precisely targeted to meet their needs in the first four days of life will bring steady growth that lasts across the production cycle. Erliva ChickCare connects the very latest poultry research and Trouw Nutrition’s early-life nutrition expertise to maximise your chicks’ potential from hatching to market age.

Erliva ChickCare

Experience the six key benefits of Erliva ChickCare

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Produces more robust chicks

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Supports early life health

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Enhances performance throughout life

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Shortens production cycles

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Improves final body/carcass weight

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Increases profitability per bird


Maximising performance

Nutrition backed by science to meet chicks’ physiological demands

Through scientific studies focused on mineral metabolism, functional proteins and nutritional requirements, Trouw Nutrition has identified the precise nutritional needs of chicks in the first days of life. Erliva ChickCare provides the exact combination of nutrients, minerals and premium-class feed additives to improve chick’s performance right from the start, so they can achieve maximum performance across the production cycle. And using a micro-pellet as its vehicle guarantees good feed intake, better digestibility and availability of nutrients.

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