Boost early growth with the LifeStart calf feeding schedule

LifeStart feeding schedules boost early calf growth. Although the precise methods vary, a number of recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of accelerated early calf growth by intensive liquid feeding during the first eight weeks of life.

These feeding plans will help you with instructions to feed the right amounts of Energized Calf Milk for bucket feeding or automatic feeding processes from day 1 to week 10.

LifeStart Energized Calf Milk feeding plan BUCKET feeding
LifeStart Energized Calf Milk feeding plan AUTOMATIC feeding

LifeStart Themes

Metabolic Programming
Glucose metabolism
Role of fat in calf nutrition
Lactobalance, hydration, and osmoregulation
Most LifeStart science articles on this site relate to a particular stage of the life of a calf or dairy cow. However, some general themes are not related to a particular stage of life. For a full understanding of LifeStart science, please review the information related to the 4 themes above:

Latest LifeStart studies

Colostrum Management
weaning-strategies-summary-weaning - 750x500.jpg
Relation between colostrum characteristics and colostrum quality measured with a Brix refractometer
ecm-selection-guide-header - 750x500.jpg
Calves included in the Kempenshof trial had an improved growth as a result of a LifeStart feeding schedule
Weaning strategies
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Gradual weaning improves the growth of dairy calves
Calf to heifer
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A LifeStart calf feeding schedule in dairy calves reduces the age at first pregnancy and first calving