Small switches
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We know you want to help
reduce antimicrobial resistance,
but it’s hard to know where to begin.

Our integrated feed-farm-health approach
can help you use antibiotics more responsibly
– one step at a time!

A serious health risk we can tackle together

The problem of antimicrobial resistance is becoming more urgent, putting not only livestock but humans at risk and impacting animal welfare, farm productivity and profitability and food security. By 2050, antimicrobial resistance is expected to be the main cause of death for people globally.

As part of the livestock industry, we can – and must – make a difference.

“Antimicrobial resistance happens when microorganisms, exposed to drugs like antibiotics, become resistant to those drugs, making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, illness and death.”

How reducing antibiotic use will benefit your business

Though it may seem contrary to how our industry has operated in the past, antibiotic reduction is now proving to bring clear benefits to livestock producers:


Improves performance and
productivity, leading to fewer
non-treatable diseases


Enables business
development and increased
value creation


Ensures business continuity
and compliance with local
norms and regulations


Improves business reputation
and your pride in doing
responsible business

Trouw Nutrition’s Antibiotic Reduction Program uses a less-is-more approach, empowering you to reduce dependency on antibiotics through small steps that together lead to big change.

We take it one switch at a time!

In our farms we have achieved both a higher body weight and less variation in the animals as well as improved health status. These excellent results have reinforced the position of NUDESA with our clients in the compound feed business.
Salome Fondevilla, production manager and co-owner of Nudesa

Our promise

Our purpose, Feeding the Future, is our reason for being. And part of this is ensuring that animals are raised with optimal nutrition and good welfare.

We know we can drastically reduce antibiotic use in livestock production by moving to a new farming model based on holistic and multistakeholder collaboration. But producers need support to be able to optimize conditions and switch to healthy alternatives.

A holistic approach – including healthy nutrition, husbandry best practices and feed and water additives – can reduce antibiotic usage and result in protein products “never-ever” exposed to antibiotics, and over time, less antimicrobial resistance.

This takes cooperation across the food chain, so we aim to empower animal protein producers to effectively reduce reliance on antibiotics during the production cycle.

Our offer

We aim to make the ‘’switch’’ to responsible use of antibiotics easy and manageable for swine and poultry producers through our integrated Antibiotic Reduction Program with a clear step-by-step approach.

We offer the expertise, products, services, and models to gradually transition your business to sustainable practices, helping you reduce the use of antibiotics in a way that benefits both animal health and profitability with the end goal to address the urgent problem of antimicrobial resistance.

We empower producers with:
  1. Step-by-step, integrated approach
  2. Global pool of experts: nutritionists, veterinarians, farm managers
  3. Integrated solutions:
    • Young Animal Feeds (Milkiwean® Vital Start, ChickCare®)
    • Feed Additives (Selko®)
    • Actionable analysis and insights, optimal diets and performance (models) and digital services (NutriOpt®)

Our integrated approach

We have designed an integrated, step-by-step, holistic approach to ensure you focus your resources on the areas that matter most across the feed, farm and health aspects of your operations.

We will assess your unique situation, provide concrete and effective solutions, and offer you peace of mind as you implement these gradual changes.

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This healthy move was possible, because producers received technical and management guidance from the early stages, including measures to support feed quality and the way birds are raised.
Rami Izik – Of Tov CEO

Prepare your business for the future!

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Understanding our five-step approach

1. Profile
1. Profile
2. Assessment
2. Assessment
3. Advice
3. Advice
4. Assist
4. Assist
5. Evaluate
5. Evaluate

1. Profile - Define your antibiotic reduction goals

Your business is unique and so are your reasons for reducing antibiotics – so we always start with a conversation about your business situation and needs, to fully understand what drives your ambition to reduce antibiotics, and how far and how fast you want to go.

2. Assessment - Assess your production from A to Z (feed, farm, health)

To design a holistic solution for you, we need to understand the total picture of your operations: your feed, your farm and your animals’ health. Then we can see where you can make small adjustments that will help you reach your ambitions over time.

3. Advice - Design a value-added program unique to you

Based on our assessment in step two, we will work together with you to design a fully customized solution and a step-by-step implementation plan that tackles the most critical areas first. Our advice is always based not only on your individual business needs but the context in which you operate, including local regulations and market expectations.

4. Assist - Implement your customized solution

Our team of experts in nutrition, veterinary science, farm technology and digitalization and marketing will support you in implementing your solution and provide guidelines and trainings to your teams where necessary. We believe in small, targeted adjustments rather than massive transformations that require you to make big investments.

5. Evaluate - Measure your success

As you are the owner of this change, you decide the speed and level of transformation. We aim to show you transparent results as you complete each step, so you can decide how far you want to go. Because we know that real change doesn’t happen overnight!


Our ways of working


Growing healthy, highly productive livestock depends on the balance we create between animals’ actual nutrient requirements and the nutrients we design and supply them with. No two herds are the same – each comes with its own heritage, context and challenges along the lifecycle, as well as unique nutrient needs. To recommend feed improvements, we analyse both the animal physiology and nutrient quality in animal feed.

  • Microbiological quality of raw materials and feed
  • Optimized nutritional strategies
  • Optimized feed form and physical properties


Optimizing farm management is crucial to your antibiotic reduction ambitions. The way you run your business is unique, so it’s important for us to understand your current practices and determine small adjustments that could help you to reduce the need for antibiotics. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan.

  • Biosecurity
  • Farm conditions
  • Animal management


Producing healthy animals through nutrition and good farm practices is essential to antibiotic reduction. By monitoring the health status and antibiotic use across your entire production chain, we can help you control and better target how you administer antibiotics.

  • Animal health monitoring
  • Responsible antibiotic use and targeted vaccination strategies
  • Strategic use of feed and water additives

Are you ready now?

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