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Trade show / Exhibition
The International Production & Processing Expo is the world's largest annual poultry and egg, meat and animal food industry event of its kind. Join us there on January 30 - February 1, 2024!
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FeedTechnoVision - Recording available

You are invited to relive FeedTechnoVision 2022, where we brought together experts on feed processing and efficiency.
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HealthyLife webinar

How to assess the risk of problems with mycotoxins in dairy cows?
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Join us for the grand opening of Trouw Nutritions new, state-of-the-art poultry research facility in Spain

To prove that every solution Trouw Nutrition brings to the market has been thoroughly tested & validated, we are organising an exclusive launch of Trouw Nutritions new poultry research facility in Spain!
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LifeStart Swine: Nourishing animal and business potential

Modern challenges are shaping a new reality for the global pork industry. Businesses have to navigate the “new normal”. The urge to produce healthy protein for a growing global population is challenging farmers to reinvent their business to do more with less while factoring in animal welfare and profitability. But two things have stayed as true as ever in this fast-paced industry: science can help you make the best decisions; and the earlier in your animals’ life phase you implement those decisions, the higher the potential to unlock lifelong results. With this in mind, Trouw Nutrition is delighted to invite you to the online conference LifeStart Swine, Nourishing Animal & Business Potential. This digital event brings together the latest scientific findings and farm business practices to empower pig producers to lead sustainable, productive and economically viable businesses. The three-hour conference will take place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at two different times so people from all time zones can participate. More information will follow soon!
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HealthyLife webinar: Making sustainable dairy farming more profitable

Customer event
To feed the global population in 2050, we need to revolutionise dairy production today. Consumers are becoming increasingly well-informed about what they eat, how their food is being produced and the impact on the environment. The solution is transformational, but possible: increasing the average milk production per day of life otherwise known as their Lifetime Daily Yield (LDY).
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