IPPE 2024 IPPE 2024

IPPE 2024

Trade show / Exhibition

30/01/2024 - 01/02/2024

Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The International Production & Processing Expo is the world's largest annual poultry and egg, meat and animal feed industry event of its kind. Join us in Atlanta on January 30 - February 1, 2024!

IPPE 2024


Practical information

Date: January 30 - February 1.
Location: Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Booth: A823 - see the floorplan below for the specific location.


NIR demos

At our booth we perform free demos of our state-of-the-art NIR solutions. Learn and see how we determine the nutritional profile of raw materials in only a few minutes.


Our solutions

Selko and Trouw Nutrition are showcasing a range of innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges around health, performance, and sustainability. Visit our booth to learn more.


Where to find us?

Here's our booth
Here's our booth

You can find our booth at stand number A823.

Listen to our TECHTalk

Selko at the International Poultry Scientific Forum

The International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) will be held January 29-30, 2024, alongside IPPE. The forum presents information on industry topics such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology, processing and products, and avian diseases.

We will be presenting latest research around three of our Selko solutions: Fytera Perform, IntelliBond and Selko AlpHa. Read the presentation summaries below and use the Learn more buttons to find out more about these Selko products. 

Fytera Perform: A natural approach to support improved performance   

Launching at IPPE, Fytera Perform is a micro-encapsulated blend of three natural essential oils. The scientifically validated Selko feed additive utilises a plant-based strategy to support poultry health and performance. Plant metabolites have the potential to trigger receptors on intestinal cells that in turn influence local and systemic physiological responses affecting metabolism, immunity, hormonal secretion, inflammation, and ultimately, animal performance. A meta-analysis of six studies showed that broilers receiving Fytera Perform had improved bodyweights and feed efficiency compared to control birds, even in the presence of a mild challenge.

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IntelliBond: Trace minerals to support immune response under an LPS challenge

Stressors such as disease and hot temperatures can threaten the health and productivity of broilers and layers. As essential ingredients in the diet, trace minerals help support birds’ immune response especially when they are challenged. Researchers evaluated how the source of trace minerals (Selko IntelliBond or sulphate) affected layers and broilers under an LPS challenge. An animal’s superoxide dismutase (SOD) response serves as an important defence against oxidative stress. Supplying a high-quality mineral that is more available to the bird can help support the SOD response when birds are exposed to a stressor. Research findings indicate that both the source and levels of zinc, manganese and copper should be considered when supplementing trace minerals to reduce the impact of stressors and support challenged birds’ immune response, and therefore help maintain health and performance.

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Selko AlpHa: Evaluating the ROI of organic acid supplementation

While water acidification is commonly used to support digestion and intestinal health, the performance benefits must be evaluated in context with the cost. In a high feed price scenario, limited application is a strategy commonly used to leverage the use of organic acids while managing economics. However, researchers compared the performance of broilers receiving no organic acid supplementation to that of birds receiving full or partial organic acid supplementation, and then calculated a return on investment. Providing birds with a continuous supply of blends of selected organic acids was more cost-effective than partial acidification or no acidification. Results indicated that supplementing water with an organic acid blend (Selko AlpHa) enhanced broiler performance. Based on local feed, product, and livestock prices, applying organic acids across the full cycle led to a net return of €0.17 per broiler (ROI 13.3). Birds receiving organic acids in water for six hours each day had a net return of €0.12 per broiler (ROI 12.4).

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Our digital nutritional solutions at IPPE

Precision feeding: better meeting requirements

Over the last years, a true digitalisation is taking place in animal nutrition and livestock production. This creates more farm and feed data. Trouw Nutrition is offering a range of user-friendly, digital solutions to help farmers and feed producers make better use of the data to meet their business goals. We combine our R&D and expertise in livestock, animal modelling, and animal nutrition and formulation, to translate the data intro valuable, new information and insights.

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NIR technology: increase quality and save time

NIR (near-infrared spectrometry) supports more precise monitoring, analysis, and management of raw materials and feed quality. The use of this technology (both desktop and mobile applications) is expanding in the feed industry. During IPPE, Trouw Nutrition will unveil and demo our innovative mobile solutions for NIR. Come visit our booth to see and learn how the technology works and how it helps quality staff and feed formulators in their daily decision making.

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MyNutriOpt: analyse, manage, and export feed data

The web-based portal MyNutriOpt is an innovative nutritional platform that helps feed professionals to analyse, manage and export feed data instantly and in one place. It shows the nutritional values of the samples that are scanned with desktop NIR devices, and grants access to a suite of integrated digital solutions and services (e.g. LCA tooling). In our booth, a demo will run on the screen to see how MyNutriOpt works and how easy it is to navigate and manage feed data.

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Learn about our solutions during IPPE

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