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3rd LifeStart Calf Symposium

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Trouw Nutrition and the University of Nottingham join forces to bring together world-renowned experts.

They will share the latest science on:


Calf Development & Performance

Role of transition milk on gut health
Dr. Mike Steele, University of Guelph

Reducing risk factors of calf mortality
Dr. David Renaud, University of Guelph

LifeStart Calf Nutrition influence on future performance
Dr. Leonel Leal, Trouw Nutrition

Milk replacer nutrients and effect on performance
Ms. Juliette Wilms, PhD. Candidate, Trouw Nutrition


Calf Behavior &

Optimal environment to rear calves
Prof. Nina Von Keyserlingk, University of British Columbia

Precision technology applied to calf rearing
Dr. João Costa, University of Vermont

Practical calf housing and management – the latest research
Dr. Bobby Hyde, University of Nottingham


Sustainability, Economics & Practical Application

Economic impact of calf nutrition and management
Prof. Albert De Vries, University of Florida

Practical application of LifeStart science on farm
Ms. Georgina Thomas, Trouw Nutrition

Sustainability of ruminant livestock systems
Dr. Javier Martin Tereso, Trouw Nutrition

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The East Midlands Conference Centre is located just 10 minutes from the center of Nottingham.

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LifeStart is a science-based platform for dairy calves that deals
with the critical first months of life. LifeStart research has shown
that metabolic programming during the first weeks of life has a
big impact on organ development, leading to a more robust cow
with an increased performance later in life.

Learn about and discuss the latest scientific findings in calf
nutrition and management. Don’t miss out!

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