Sow performance Sow performance

Reproductive performance and lactation

Sow performance is measured by the amount and quality of piglets produced. The efficient use of nutrients to support gestation and produce colostrum and milk is therefore crucial to achieving high performance.

Factors such as feed intake capacity, digestive disorders, artificial insemination (AI) management and (heat) stress can all limit production efficiency.

Reproductive Management

Reproductive performance is best supported by a combination of sound breeding management and diets that are optimised and formulated to meet the requirements of different reproductive stages. The right nutrition allows sows to live a healthier and longer life, delivering stronger piglets during more reproductive cycles.

Body condition and energy balance

Maintaining the right energy balance during various stages of production ensures a sow's optimal body condition and performance. During gestation, the body condition score should not become too high, while during lactation, losses in condition score should be limited. This can pose a significant challenge for producers, as nutritional demands during lactation are very high while feed intake capacity is often limited.

Colostrum and milk production

Genetic improvement has resulted in much larger litter sizes for each sow. In fact, today’s hyper-prolific sows have such large litters that colostrum and milk production cannot keep up with the piglet’s demands. This severely affects the piglet’s health, because it is the initial feeding of colostrum that kickstarts their immune system. Optimal sow diets and nutritional support for the piglets, starting at the earliest stages, makes an enormous difference in a sow’s health and gives piglets a strong start in life.

Our offering in supporting sow performance

Swine Production Efficiency Programme

Swine Production Efficiency Programme

The Production Effiency Programme supports animals to achieve the highest possible level of performance and feed efficiency, while maintaining the appropriate health status.

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NutriOpt Optimal Performance (Sow Model)

NutriOpt Optimal Performance (Sow Model)

Calculate the effect of sow feeding programmes and get advice on required nutritional changes.

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A holistic approach to nutrition, management and fertility is key to enhancing sow performance.
Peter Smid – Global Programme Manager Health Feed Additives