Our offering to support high-performing piglets

Feed Additives

Swine Production Efficiency Programme

The Production Effiency Programme supports animals to achieve the highest possible level of performance and feed efficiency, while maintaining the appropriate health status.

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Trace Mineral Optimisation Programme

It is important to feed a highly bioavailable source of trace mineral, in order to optimise health, wellbeing and performance, as well as minimising environmental impact.

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Precision Farming

Nutriopt Kinetio

The Kinetio Technology from NutriOpt is a way to determine how fibre and protein ingredients behave in the animal. Knowing these dietary fibre fermentation kinetics enables to formulate diets that stimulate gastrointestinal health and digesta flow.

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Young Animal Feed

Milkiwean Efficient Start

Milkiwean Efficient Start supports your piglets’ health development with maximum productivity and minimum wastage, so you can enjoy higher ROI and continue to grow your business.

Milkiwean Best Start

Milkiwean Best Start stimulates maximum feed intake to achieve the highest growth.

Milkiwean Vital Start

Milkiwean Vital Start feeding programme is designed for professional farmers who face health challenges on the farm and would like to optimally support their piglets' development during the complex weaning process.

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