Optimal diets for optimal gut health

You can control weaning problems by controlling the fibres and protein values. Weaning is a challenging period for piglets and can lead to gut health issues and reduced feed intake. The Kinetio Technology from NutriOpt is a way to determine how fibre and protein ingredients behave in the animal. Knowing these dietary fibre fermentation kinetics enables to formulate diets that stimulate gastrointestinal health and digesta flow. The Kinetio technology is embedded in Milkiwean for piglets.

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  • Applicable to different feed ingredients
  • Reduced post-weaning diarrhea
  • Increased health and performance
  • Less mortality of the batch

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Split-feeding layers
Split-feeding broiler breeders
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Feed structure for broilers
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NutriOpt offers accurate and tailor-made feed formulation support, like API’s and formulation.


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NutriOpt's rearing strategies for pullets strongly focuses on reducing Ca-P levels and the use of crumble feed (1-3mm) in the first 6 weeks.


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With the NutriOpt Split-feeding program for layers, the hens get all the nutrients they need to perform at their best.


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With NutriOpt's Split-feeding feeding program for broiler breeders, hens are fed twice a day, therefore the nutrient distribution fits better with the nutrient requirements.


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NutriOpt's nutritional advice on feed structure for layers helps to formulate diets with applying the right levels of structural feed components.


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NutriOpt's nutritional advice on feed structure for broilers helps to formulate diets with applying the right levels of structural feed components.


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NutriOpt's Pre-peak feeding is a unique feeding strategy to maximise nutrient intake and to optimise performance in laying hens during the pre-peak period (17-24 weeks). 


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