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When every decision impacts your animal performance and business success, you want to build on more than just intuition.


desktop Near-infrared (NIR) scans in our network, in the last 6 months


materials analysed last week with the handheld NIR


samples analysed last month, specifically for mycotoxins, were contaminated

Centralised feed data helps you make knowledgeable decisions

Thousands of samples taken worldwide
Feedstuffs analysed on the spot
Mycotoxin analysis around the world

Near-infrared scans worldwide

Thousands of feed and raw material analyses are done on a daily basis. Anyone using a FOSS NIR device can connect it to the MyNutriOpt portal, powered by Trouw Nutrition’s ISO certified Nutritional Database. In MyNutriOpt the analysis results can be viewed in easy-to-use charts and graphs.

NIR desktop

Analysis of silages using On-site Adviser

The NutriOpt On-site Adviser enables you to know the quality of your silages and many other feedstuffs within 5 minutes and on the spot. Hundreds of samples are taken every day, powered by Trouw Nutrition’s ISO certified Nutritional Database. The analysis results can be viewed either on your smartphone or in the MyNutriOpt portal.   

NutriOpt On-site Adviser

Mycotoxin contamination worldwide

Each region has its own levels of mycotoxin risk and prevalence. In order to know and mitigate these risks, testing is important. NutriOpt’s Mycotoxin Adviser helps you to do exactly this. With the benchmark of samples being taken worldwide, you can detect and mitigate the risk in your business.  

Mycotoxin Adviser

NutriOpt is a suite of digital integrated solutions and services that can be applied by farmers, feed mills, integrators and consultants around the world. With a practical and tailored approach, NutriOpt increases animal performance and business success.

NutriOpt is accessible via the easy-to-use platform MyNutriOpt

The insights available via MyNutriOpt empower your everyday decisions and improve your animals' performance and supplier relationships. In short, they make your life easier.
All feed data in one place
All feed data in one place

Automatic synchronisation of feed data, from the MyNutriOpt supported feed analysis equipment, is the core of MyNutriOpt. It allows you to instantly see the latest analytical results in one place, so you don’t have to enter them manually or work with Excel sheets.

It helps easier and more efficient collaboration between the different disciplines at a feed mill or integrator. This is because everyone sees and works with the same feed data. It also means less hassle and fewer manual errors.

Calculation of nutritional values
Calculation of nutritional values

MyNutriOpt is connected to a robust nutritional database based on Trouw Nutrition’s extensive R&D work. With this, we ensure the calculated nutritional profiles, from the analysed feed materials, are as accurate and up to date as possible.

With one touch of a button, you can export the nutritional values from MyNutriOpt. You can then upload the file in your least cost formulation (LCF) software. As a result, you always have the most accurate values to formulate new diets and can adjust current formulations when needed.

Instant view of latest NIR sample data
Instant view of latest NIR sample data

On the dashboard you can monitor the trends of the incoming raw materials and final feeds. As a result, you are more in control of your resources and can adjust your strategy to meet your market’s needs while lowering your costs.

Access your NutriOpt Services in one portal
Access your NutriOpt Services in one portal

Easy access to NutriOpt services in MyNutriOpt. Learn more about these services.

Work in your own language
Work in your own language

We support 15 languages in MyNutriOpt. 

NutriOpt offers a truly unique and revolutionary approach to feeding animals better and more precisely. Our aim is to reduce feed costs while also helping produce healthier and more productive animals.
Casper Niesink - Global Director NutriOpt