Nutritional Profile

Get the right data to start formulating

NutriOpt offers reports on the nutritional profiles of raw materials and complete feeds. Based on NIR or wet chemistry analysis and our robust nutritional database, these reports are key to meeting animal requirements and optimising least-cost formulations. ​

The reports are available in different formats, enabling easy uploads of the data to feed-formulation software. ​

The nutritional profiles can be generated in our MyNutriOpt web portal and, next to that, we also offer API connections to directly query our nutritional database.​

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  • Up-to-date nutritional database​
  • Dynamic calculation of derived nutrients (e.g., energy and digestible amino acid values)
  • Direct connection with NIR data​
  • Easy-to-use web portal

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The NutriOpt On-site Adviser allows for measuring feed ingredients directly on the spot.

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The NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser is a tool for real-time and customised advice on how to respond to mycotoxin levels in raw materials and in complete feeds.

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Questions about nutrional profile?

Contact the dealer in your country or region for all questions related to nutritional profile.

Digital services & solutions

Looking for something else? NutriOpt contains a suite of digital solutions and services to support you around actionable analysis, actionable insights, optimal diets and optimal animal performance.