Sloten will be renamed Trouw Nutrition

Press release

Deventer, the Netherlands

With effect from 1 September 2016 Sloten, producer of young animal feeds such as Sprayfo and Nuklospray, will be rebranded to Trouw Nutrition. This change is part of the strengthening of Nutreco's global animal nutrition activities under one brand.


Since 2006 Sloten has been part of Trouw Nutrition, a global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry. The infrastructure and systems have already been harmonized. Now, the company is also changing its trading name in order to strengthen its recognisability worldwide.

Sloten is an established name in the dairy industry since 1958. Nuklospray dairy ingredients are well-known in the piglet feed industry. Sprayfo milk replacers are trusted by dairy farmers in over 50 countries and it is a prominent brand in the Trouw Nutrition product portfolio.

The validation of its products and models is substantiated by Trouw Nutrition's global R&D centres and worldwide network of collaborating universities. For Trouw Nutrition, precise animal nutrition and optimum feed efficiency are key drivers to providing sufficient protein for future population growth, as well as strengthening farm businesses.

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