Veterinarian is handling a young calf to evaluate dehydration Veterinarian is handling a young calf to evaluate dehydration

Health challenges in calves

Housed or grouped calves often come from a variety of backgrounds, impacting health, hygiene and nutrition. Dietary changes, combined with other influences, can affect health and future performance.

Managing dehydration from scours

Calves often arrive at beef farming operations from a variety of places, which causes stress, immunosuppression and exposure to different viruses and bacteria. The result is frequently diarrhoea, a common health issue in young calves, that leads to losses caused by increased mortality or compromised future development and potential.

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Managing respiratory health

Rigorous control of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) gives young calves a healthy start and allows them to reach their full potential. A multi-factorial condition that can affect animals at every stage of life, BRD can prove especially challenging to the respiratory health of young calves. Help them flourish with a plan for excellent nutrition boosted by continual immune system support.

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