Cow-calf beef Farm - Brazil

Nascente do Pinga was added to our network of validation farms in March 2019. Located in Anhembi, Brazil, it is the first livestock farm in Latin America to take part in Trouw Nutrition’s global validation farm project. The farm has already taken part in other trials we’ve conducted and has always achieved impressive results. The studies we are currently running on the farm aim to achieve a higher yield for pre-weaning calves. 

Validation Farm in Brazil: Nascente do Pinga

Nascente do Pinga’s main area of focus is the study of pre-weaning calves – a field less explored in Brazil than post-weaning and finishing calves. Farms like this, where livestock conditions are well controlled, enable us to accurately measure the benefits of our scientifically proven solutions and help improve the productivity of animals. The results obtained at our Brazilian farm give other farmers access to knowledge that helps them intensify livestock production in a sustainable way.

The project aims to show the reality of a Brazilian farm by highlighting how properly implemented livestock intensification and our products’ good cost-benefit ratio can contribute to increased productivity, in order to help motivate other farmers to use advanced livestock methods and good management practices in their businesses.