Sow model

Modelling for optimised sow performance

Sows have a high energy demand to perform best. Sows can use help in reaching their optimal body condition in the gestation phase and need extra energy in the lactation period to prevent extreme body weight losses. The NutriOpt Sow model is a nutritional calculation model for gestating and lactating sows to achieve longevity and optimum performance. The model is an effective tool for swine nutritionists to give farmers accurate advice on sow feeding programmes and appropriate feeds.

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  • Increase sow longevity
  • Lower gilt replacement costs
  • Increase litter size
  • Reduce feed costs

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NutriOpt's Broiler model is a detailed, easy-to-use, online animal model for poultry producers and nutritionists. This model is an effective tool to evaluate feeding strategies in advance, and see the predicted effects on growth rate, feed conversioncarcass and breast yield.


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Get more precise in dairy feeding. NutriOpt's Dairy model is a ruminant rationing model, based on the processes taking place along the whole gastrointestinal tract of the cow.


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NutriOpt's Swine scenario is an economic calculation tool that sets out different scenarios based on costs and economic returns and calculates which scenario will give the highest return on investment (ROI).


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The NutriOpt Swine model is a nutritional calculation model that works out how, and within which parameters, conditions and performance could be technically optimised.


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Benchmarking results made easy. Monitoring progress and assessing the results is crucial for today’s pig producers, as well as benchmarking the performance of nursery and grow-finish batches.


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