Precision farming solutions for layers

To help egg producers reduce input costs, detailed information and application control are essential.

Through the NutriOpt platform, Trouw Nutrition delivers the data and insights that farmers need to drive sustainable precision farming, better animal performance and overall success. We do this through a set of NutriOpt solutions focused on actionable analysis, actionable insights, optimal diets and optimal performance.

Actionable analysis

The numbers tell the tale. Livestock farming is no longer about guesswork; it revolves around capturing valuable data to help you make better decisions and run the best farm possible.

Given the wide variation in feedstuff quality, determining the exact composition of your ingredients is vital – not only to better match the nutritional needs of your layers, but also to optimise feed costs.

By using the actionable analysis tools and services within NutriOpt, egg producers can get a better grip on raw material quality and the nutritional value of feed ingredients. We offer fast, accurate and cost-effective desktop and mobile solutions to scan raw materials for different components, including protein, fibre fractions, reactive lysine, mycotoxins and more.

Actionable insights

Having access to farm data is one thing. It’s another to capture value from the data and to apply it to your daily farm management, feed routines or animal health plans.

NutriOpt offers a number of services that convert data into actionable insights and recommendations and visualizes it in an easy-to-understand way, using reports and dashboards. For mycotoxins, NutriOpt offers solutions to measure the amount of mycotoxins in the raw material and create actionable insights on contamination levels as well as recommended actions. The insights are based on a robust database from samples around the world.

Having accurate and actionable insights readily available gives farmers a better understanding of their exact layer requirements, making it easier to formulate an effective strategy.

Optimal diets

To build the optimal diet, you need the right data, that is supported by actionable insights and able to be integrated with farm programmes such as the Least Cost Formulation (LCF) software used by feed advisors.

Creating the optimal animal diet depends on many factors, including the type of customer, availability of raw materials, region and specific farm goals. Your focus may be on improving eggshell quality, lowering feed costs or reducing antimicrobial usage or Salmonella.

NutriOpt offers a range of services to help you reduce feed costs, improve egg quality with Split-feeding, and test your feed. These services provide additional intelligence on Ca/P ratio, fibre and feed structure, among others.

Optimal performance

Before you implement a chosen strategy to increase layer performance, animal health or overall farm efficiency, you want to be sure it is the right decision and the best course of action.

The experts from Trouw Nutrition help farmers achieve this certainty and advise egg producers about which NutriOpt services are most suitable for helping them attain optimal performance results.

Knowledge feeds success

When every decision impacts your animal performance and business success, you want to build on more than just intuition.

Improve your layer business now with the latest solutions and services


Improve bird performance and eggshell quality with the innovative Split-feeding programme for layers.


Optimise the supply of nutrients during a layer’s pre-peak period with a targeted feeding strategy.

Mycomaster and Mycotoxin Adviser

Control mycotoxin risks with effective tools such as the Mycomaster and Mycotoxin Adviser.

NIR services

Measure your raw material quality by using our desktop NIR services and the NutriOpt On-Site Adviser.

Nutritional profiling and advice

Gain better insights into nutrient digestibility through our profiling and advice.

Formulation services

We can help you fine-tune your current feeding strategies and develop new formulation strategies.

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