Selko LactiBute increases milk production and fat and protein levels at the same time.

Selko LactiBute is a patented product containing calcium gluconate encapsulated in a matrix, capable of promoting the conversion of lactic acid to butyrate. A correct balance of lactic acid and butyrate in the large intestine is important because it improves the state of health. As a result, nutrient uptake improves, supporting higher productivity levels43,46,47 . The addition of Selko LactiBute to the ration therefore increases milk production and at the same time the levels of fat and protein44,45,48,49,50. This translates into an increase in Energy Corrected Milk (ECM) of 0.85-1 kg per cow per day.

Product application

Feed Selko LactiBute during the entire lactation. at 16 grams/cow/day. In case Selko LactiBute is mixed in TMR, add 16 grams per animal per day to the TMR. In case Selko LactiBute is included in compound feed, mix 0.20% into compound feed.

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