Phytogenics are often shown to have an antibacterial effect in vitro. However, doses of phytogenics needed to kill pathogens in vivo are far beyond the levels feasible in feed. Instead, Fytera supports the host’s defense mechanisms as well as robust physiological functions to help the animal reach its genetic potential.

Product application

It is important to realise that many phytogenics show a biphasic dose-response, meaning that their effects can be the complete opposite depending on dose (Jodynis-Liebert and Kujawska, 2020). Phytogenics influence signal transduction pathways, and they do so at low inclusion levels. Too high levels can cause adverse effects. The correct dose is important. 

Recognising Fytera's contribution to the host’s natural defense mechanisms as well as robust physiological functions in all kinds of environmental conditions will help harness the true potential of phytogenics in supporting efficient and profitable livestock production.


  • Long-term commitment to the phytogenic space with world-class in-house expertise
  • Targeted solutions for relevant industry problems
  • Transparency – no black box formulas
  • Known mode of action
  • Strong dossiers of trials
  • Quality without compromises – food-grade, standardised and screened for residues


  • Full spectrum, standardised plant extracts
  • Essential oils
  • Multiple bioactive components
  • Dry-powder, encapsulated
  • Applied in premix or complete feed