Nutritional services for profitable dairy production

NutriOpt Dairy model - a balanced diet for healthy cows

The NutriOpt dairy model defines your feeding strategy based on the processes taking place along the whole gastrointestinal tract. The model takes into account products of rumen fermentation, digestion in the small intestine and fermentation in the large intestine. This gives a true nutritional feeding value for the available raw materials and forages, allowing for more precise rationing with a strong focus on rumen health and farm profitability. The NutriOpt Dairy model is a dynamic model and provides a unique combination of nutritional and ruminant specific parameters that ensures optimal rumen function.

Reach your targets with NutriOpt

  • Lower costs, higher profitability
  • Improved performance, healthier cows
  • Optimal usage of on-farm available forage
  • Optimal milk component yield

More information

If you are interested in making use of Trouw Nutrition's NutriOpt precision feeding system, please contact the Trouw Nutrition branch nearest to you for more details. Or send an e-mail to: