Trouw Nutrition makes strong progress with modernisation of recently acquired Bützow, Germany spray-drying facility

Press release

Following the acquisition of a new spray-drying facility in Bützow, Germany, Trouw Nutrition welcomed team members from the young ruminant nutrition and global operations departments to tour the new facilities and observe the progress being made with the modernisation work. In attendance as a special guest was Mayor of the City of Bützow, Christian Gruschow, who expressed a warm welcome to Trouw Nutrition in the region and shared some insightful history about the area.

Spray-drying facility

The addition of the facility to the EU Global Supply Point network marks a significant step forward in Nutreco’s livestock feed business line’s strategic expansion plans and will enable its continued growth within the calf milk market.

Projected to produce 15-20k tons of fat concentrates annually, the Bützow facility further solidifies Trouw Nutrition’s commitment to dairy farmers.  The site not only augments the existing fat concentrates production at the Sloten plant in the Netherlands but also marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion within the calf milk market.  By increasing the production of its proprietary fat concentrate, essential to Trouw Nutrition’s Sprayfo and Milkivit calf milk products, the company intends to strengthen its competitive advantage. This unique ingredient has been key to maintaining Trouw Nutrition’s position as the dairy farmers’ choice for over sixty-five years, due to the exceptional performance of calves it delivers. Through this investment, Trouw Nutrition will also bring local employment and development opportunities through roles in process technology, process operations and team leadership.

I’m delighted to share the progress we’re making in Bützow with our teams, underscoring our commitment to operational excellence. This facility is key to our continued investment in Europe and showcases our capability to produce the best fat concentrates that really make a difference in our calf milk. I look forward to the facility becoming fully operational in 2025.
Armel Schoufs - Plant Manager

Christian Gruschow shared “The revitalization of the Bützow site by Trouw Nutrition not only breathes new life into our local industry but also reinstates a sense of pride and continuity for the community. The rehiring of thirteen former employees is a testament to the commitment to local growth and prosperity. This is a shining example of how historical sites can be transformed into modern facilities that honour their past while building a sustainable future.”

The facility will officially open in Q1 2025 after completion of the modernisation process.

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