Trouw Nutrition announces strategic partnership with University of Guelph to drive animal nutrition innovation

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Trouw Nutrition, a global leader in animal feeding solutions and services, today announces it is stepping up and formalising its collaboration with the University of Guelph, a leader in animal nutrition research. The new strategic partnership will match more researchers from the University and Trouw Nutrition, involve the sharing of research facilities, and enable the acceleration of key research and development activities.


This partnership will build on the long-standing collaboration between the University of Guelph and Trouw Nutrition. As part of this collaboration, the two parties currently have over 40 researcher matches in place, and share proprietary and/or confidential knowledge. By formalising their partnership, the University and Trouw Nutrition will explore collaboration opportunities in more research fields and further leverage organisational synergies.

Coen Smits, Director Trouw Nutrition R&D comments: “We’re very pleased to take our relationship with the University of Guelph to the next level. Our collaboration has already delivered important advances in the area of calf health and growth, for example, and more exciting developments are in the pipeline. The University of Guelph is a world-class scientific institution, and I’m confident that, together, we will drive animal nutrition innovation to new horizons.”

Malcolm Campbell, Vice President of Research for the University of Guelph comments: “As Canada’s food university, and a world leader in veterinary medicine and agriculture research, the University of Guelph is excited to partner with Trouw Nutrition. Trouw Nutrition’s deep industry knowledge will greatly benefit University of Guelph researchers and students and University of Guelph will provide research leadership that will help advance Trouw Nutrition's remarkable record of developing game-changing animal nutrition solutions.  By pooling know-how and capabilities, Trouw Nutrition and University of Guelph will build on each other’s work and chart the course to a more sustainable future - a future that will help fulfil University of Guelph’s aim to improve life.”

Press release: Trouw Nutrition announces strategic partnership with University of Guelph to drive animal nutrition innovation

from left to right: Steve DeBrabadere, Director, Technology Transfer & Industry Liaison, Research Innovation Office, University of Guelph; Zahid Nasir, Poultry Scientist/Research & Lab Manager, Trouw Nutrition Agresearch; Theo van Kempen, Manager, Discovery, Trouw Nutrition Innovation R&D; John Brennan, PhD, Vice President Innovation and Quality, Trouw Nutrition Canada; Malcolm Campbell, Vice President of Research, University of Guelph, Marjan Beerthuis, Manager, Grants & Contracts, Trouw Nutrition Innovation R&D; Marcos Davila, Operations Manager, Trouw Nutrition Agresearch.

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