Nutreco publishes its Sustainability Report 2022

Transparent about our progress and driven by our passion for Feeding the Future
Press release

Today, Nutreco published its Sustainability Report 2022. It takes a candid look back at another busy year of achievements and challenges as the company progresses towards the targets set in its RoadMap 2025 sustainability strategy and helps build a more sustainable food system.

Sustainability Report 2022

Highlights from the year include:

  • The completion of our double materiality assessment, which looks at how sustainability impacts Nutreco but also how Nutreco can impact sustainability concerns around the world.
  • Our OpCos’ successful work to support clients in reducing antibiotic dependency, enabling us to reduce our sales of products containing antibiotics in the “Critically Important for Human Medicine” class by 35% and reduce the preventative use of antibiotics and antimicrobial growth promoters by 17%.
  • Our community development projects, which helped over 6,000 smallholder farmers operate more productively and sustainably in 2022.

The report features case studies from all over Nutreco, showing how teams across the company are bringing to life our RoadMap 2025’s ambitions under health and welfare, climate and circularity, and good citizenship. You’ll also find a candid discussion of this year’s main dilemma facing Nutreco and our industry in our always popular “Sharing dilemmas” section.

Fulco van Lede, Nutreco CEO, said: “It was a busy year for Nutreco’s sustainability agenda, and I’m especially pleased that we were able to complete our double materiality assessment during the year. I expect 2023 to be another exciting year and look forward to seeing us make more progress in switching over to renewable fuels, reducing scope 3 emissions, incorporating more sustainable novel ingredients into our products and working to help our suppliers make their products more sustainable".

I’m proud that, once again, we have published a transparent report that not only outlines what we achieved but also where we fell short and how we will do better in the future. We believe that this kind of transparent reporting is essential to making progress, across the value chain, towards a more sustainable food system. Feeding the Future is our passion at Nutreco, and I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Nutreco and our partners over the past decade to bring this purpose to life and help ensure a brighter future for people across the world.
José Villalón, Corporate Sustainability Director

Watch a conversation with Fulco and José about Nutreco’s Sustainability Report 2022 below and access the full Sustainability Report 2022 on this website.