Fresh grass analysis now available on the NutriOpt On-site Adviser

Press release

Trouw Nutrition introduces a new calibration curve for fresh grass, which farmers can use on their own farm to analyse the quality of their own fresh grass within 10 minutes. This innovation represents a step forward in precision feeding, because with this calibration curve, dairy rations can now be formulated even more accurately and economically. The new calibration curve is available in the NutriOpt On-site Adviser, Trouw Nutrition’s mobile NIR.


Easily formulate an optimum ration

Maximum animal performance requires sophisticated feed management. Especially with the current high price of raw materials and more extreme weather patterns that is putting pressure on the forage stock, correctly estimating the feed value is more important than ever. This starts with accurate insights on the quality of available raw materials (grass silage, maize silage and fresh grass). The quicker and more detailed the insights on nutritional values are, the better an optimum dairy ration can be formulated.

Analysing the protein percentage, determining the right moment for mowing and determining the best plot for grazing: the new calibration curve for fresh grass offers farmers numerous advantages.

Determine grass quality in real time on-site

With the NutriOpt On-site Adviser from Trouw Nutrition it was already possible to accurately analyse the feed quality of feed materials, maize silage and forage within 10 minutes. With the introduction of the calibration curve for fresh grass, the grass quality can now also be analysed in real time on-site. With this calibration curve, livestock farmers can not only check the nutritional value in the grass, but also determine the right moment for mowing and the best plot for grazing.

Grass quality

The method is very simple: the mobile scanner is placed on the collected grass and the mobile phone connects to the On-site Adviser. The supplied app guides farmers through the entire scanning procedure, and within 5 minutes they have a complete summary report on the grass quality on the plot. For now, this new calibration line will allow users to measure moisture, crude protein, crude fibre and sugar in fresh grass samples. In the NutriOpt report, the following results will be shown:

  • Dry matter
  • Moisture
  • Crude protein
  • Crude fibre
  • Sugar

To analyse fresh grass samples, the user should select the “Roughage scanner - Fresh grass” profile in the On-site Adviser app. The results from the scan can easily be exported to other software so that this information can be included directly in the ration calculations.

This new way to analyse the quality of fresh grass enables farmers to truly put precision farming into practice. If you would like to learn more about this calibration curve, talk to your Trouw Nutrition contact.

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