Better quality control of blended fats and oils in animal feed thanks to new calibration line from NutriOpt

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Boxmeer, the Netherlands

Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition business, introduces a new calibration line for improving the quality control of blended fats and oils in feed. In only a few minutes, the NutriOpt NIR (Near-Infrared) fat calibration line enables accurate quantification along the four key parameters of Free Fatty Acids (FFA), fatty acid profile, acidity value and elutable matter. “The new calibration line provides a faster, more accurate assessment of the quality of the fat content of feed than some of the traditional methods,” says Richard Maatman, Global Marketing Director Trouw Nutrition. “Trouw Nutrition has one of the largest calibration databases in the feed industry: we believe this new line will prove to be a useful addition to it.”

Improved quality control and assessment of nutritional values

Producers need to be able to quickly establish the quality of the fats and oils in animal feed. Fats and oils are an important and highly concentrated source of energy. Before being added, blended fats and oils, in particular, need to be carefully analysed and checked, to make sure they are safe and of the right nutritional quality. But extensive testing can take days or even weeks, whereas decisions to accept or reject a batch or to modify the fat content of feed may need to be taken quickly. This need is fully met by NutriOpt’s new calibration line.

Significant savings

“Working with NutriOpt NIR couldn’t be easier,” says Richard Maatman. “You take a sample from the incoming blended fat or oil and scan it using NIR equipment. You then enter the sample into the extensive NutriOpt database. It is analysed on the basis of our global calibration lines, and within minutes, a NutriOpt NIR report is created, containing a full set of nutritional details. Being able to take decisions quickly on the basis of reliable data enables producers to make better and more economical use of resources, optimising their ROI and yielding significant savings.”

Extensive experience

“At Trouw Nutrition, we have built up extensive experience of working with NIR, and have developed over 150 highly reliable calibration lines for analysing raw materials and compound feeds for all species,”  says Richard Maatman. “Over the past few years, we have conducted extensive studies into the main raw materials for all species. Based on more than 250,000 samples – upon which over 750,000 analyses have been carried out – it is now clear that NIR provides results that are comparable in accuracy to classical wet chemistry, but in a fraction of the time. This new development is sure to further consolidate the general concept of precision nutrition.”

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