The feed additives of BASF Animal Nutrition like vitamins, enzymes, carotenoids, glycinates, organic acids and many others are characterized by scientifically proven efficacy and quality. Digital offerings such as OpteinicsTM for more sustainable feed mixtures or Cloudfarms for herd management in pig farming expand our range. Our goal is to provide the right solutions, to support animal welfare and environmental protection. We call it "The science of sustainable feed that succeeds".

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Science-led solutions that are sustainable, proven and effective

Our long experience of working with the feed industry, supporting feed businesses, farmers and farming is firmly based on practical science, proven in the field. Pioneers of vitamins and enzymes, today we are more than ever intent on finding answers to some of the industry’s most complex challenges. We’re doing this through our ongoing investment in R&D and through our global research network, working with leading animal nutrition institutes. Aiming to combine science, sustainability and success. Above all, our comprehensive range of products, ser­vices and solutions delivers. For assured quality, reli­ability, safety and regulation. Backed by high stan­dards of control and testing. Shown to work in lab and field. For the health and vitality of poultry, pigs, rumi­nants, fish and companion animals. For greater effi­ciency and productivity. And as an important contribu­tor to helping secure the supply of healthy, high quality, affordable animal protein to meet increasing consumer expectations.

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