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In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, we want to use our scale and the power of innovation to lead the change towards more circular and renewable food production methods, with care and consideration for the people and nature that make them possible.

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We have a 90-year history of dedication to innovation and deep experience in developing smarter and more sustainable ways of raising healthy farm animals and companion animals. Our broad portfolio of feed specialties, feed additives, premixes and nutritional models and services, along with our ever-increasing expertise in feed, farm and health make us a one-stop-shop with limitless opportunities to create tailored, integrated solutions suited to each customer’s local situation. And we are everywhere our customers need us, with a presence in 105 countries. We believe the power of nutrition and good farm management can transform our industry – and even our planet. So, we are challenging how the feed-to-food chain works today, to create a brighter future, from planet to plate.

Latest news & events

New Trouw Nutrition dairy research facility

Pioneering sustainable dairy farming: Trouw Nutrition expands research campus in Sint Antonis, the Netherlands

Press release
Nutreco's Trouw Nutrition, a leader in functional and nutritional solutions for sustainable livestock farming, reached a new milestone in its journey to help farmers operate more efficiently and sustainably: the expansion of its research campus to include a company-owned dairy facility in Sint Antonis, the Netherlands. This addition clearly underscores the company's commitment to advancing sustainable dairy farming practices.
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3rd LifeStart Calf Symposium

Trouw Nutrition 3rd LifeStart Calf Symposium unveils scientific discoveries and shares practical strategies to nurture herd health, boost efficiency, and support calf care

A major discovery in the science of fatty acids has led to the development of a technology that meets calves’ nutritional requirements while also nurturing ruminant health, supporting physiological development, and enhancing calf care on the farm.
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LifeStart Calf Symposium

3rd LifeStart Calf Symposium Will Spotlight Holistic Approach to Nurturing Tomorrow’s Herds and Highlight Discovery Transforming Calf Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition, the livestock feed business of Nutreco, and the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science are convening scientists, producers, nutritionists and veterinarians from around the globe to share emerging research and novel discoveries that will nurture the future of tomorrow’s dairy herds.
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