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Innovation is our core value. And science is our passion. We thoroughly validate our innovative solutions - a vital step in helping you excel at producing safe and healthy meat and eggs. 

Industry-leading R&D facility

At Trouw Nutrition, we take pride in our research facility, which is unparalleled in its size, quality, capacity, expertise and experience in the poultry sector. The Poultry Research Centre has the capacity to house more than 14,000 birds in seven different types of barns dedicated to broilers, rearing pullets and laying hens and includes a hatchery unit and slaughter line to complete the broiler cycle.

In addition to the animal facilities we also operate a research feed plant to produce the feed needed for the poultry trials. Our goal is to meet scientific standards for proper trial design when developing customer-focused innovation projects.

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TRS 35 TOXO XL improves health and performance of broilers exposed to multiple mycotoxins
TRS 36 TOXO XL improves liver health and production performance in layers with multiple mycotoxins

Our partners

Besides our industry-leading research, we also closely collaborate with a group of diverse scientists located in Asia, Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America, who coordinate the local validation of our research initiatives with external and independent collaborators.

Watch the videos to get an understanding of our global research!

Prof. em. Dr. Johanna Fink-Gremmels

Dr. Fink-Gremmels was appointed Professor and Head of Utrecht University’s Division Veterinary Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Toxicology, in 1991. Throughout her career, she has focused on fungal metabolites, including a wide range of mycotoxins and their detrimental effects on human and animal health.

We had the opportunity to ask her about the impact of mycotoxins on poultry production. 

Prof. Dr. Lvhui Sun

Dr Lvhui Sun is a Professor at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science at Huazong University in China. 

During this interview Professor Sun shares his insights on the importance of loss prevention due to Mycotoxins. 

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