first-in-class glucoactive mycotoxin adsorbent

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Natural smectite minerals - no fillers. Data shows it binds and eliminates mycotoxins better than other mineral forms. 

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Strengthens intestinal barriers using specific glucose biopolymers. Data shows they reduce mycotoxin and pathogen translocation into the bloodstream.

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Beta glucans

Enzymatically activated Beta glucans. Data shows it modulates the immune response to pathogens and vaccination.

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The most important message we have to give to poultry producers – mycotoxins make your animals more vulnerable to other diseases.
Prof. em. Dr. Johanna Fink-Gremmels, Division Veterinary Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Toxicology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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From risk assessment to mitigation, effectively managing mycotoxins takes a lot of expertise. To help you succeed, we’ve compiled articles, peer-reviewed scientific studies and validation trials of our mycotoxin solutions into an easy-to-use e-book.. 

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