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When every decision impacts your animal performance and business success, you want to build on more than just intuition.

MyNutriOpt is the gateway to NutriOpt's solutions and services 

MyNutriOpt grants you access to a suite of integrated digital solutions and services to support you with nutritional knowledge, improved animal diets, and consistent and optimal animal performance.

With more than 15 services available, NutriOpt helps you optimise animal performance and business success.

It is an innovative nutritional platform that helps you analyse, manage and export feed data instantly and in one place.

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Centralised feed data helps you make knowledgeable decisions

The insights available via MyNutriOpt empower your everyday decisions and improve your animals' performance and supplier relationships. In short, they make your life easier.

Save time

Intuitive design and all the feed information you need available at your fingertips help you analyse, manage and export data quickly.

Be accurate

Automated synchronisation of feed data improves collaboration, analysis and decision-making.

Reach targets

The availability of trusted forecasting and trends help you optmise animal performance and business success.

Better collaboration and boosted efficiency

MyNutriOpt offers a range of benefits for people working in animal nutrition, including nutritionists, QA/QC managers and general managers of feed mills or integrators.

MyNutriOpt enables you and your colleagues to simultaneously access and work with the same data. As a result, MyNutriOpt helps improve collaboration and increase efficiency.

This has a direct effect on all steps in the production and formulation of feed: from raw material purchasing to sampling, analysing and formulating feed to operational management and supplier management.

Interview with Dr. Aleksander Andonov

“When dealing with shortages of certain raw materials, new suppliers or other challenges, you have to act promptly and make decisions faster than you used to. Using MyNutriOpt is therefore a must” - Dr. Aleksandar Andonov, senior R&D Manager - Feed from the business unit ‘Agri Business’ from the Agthia Group in Abu Dhabi.  Read more about the experiences with MyNutriOpt from this leading feed producer in the UAE and how it helps them to be more agile in today’s markets. 

How MyNutriOpt adds value to your daily work

Instant view of latest sample data

Automatic synchronisation of feed data from the MyNutriOpt supported feed analysis equipment is the core of MyNutriOpt. It allows you to instantly see the latest analytical results in one place, so you don’t have to enter them manually or work with Excel sheets.

Quick determination and management of feed quality

Within MyNutriOpt, you can select your analysed feed samples and period to review the spectral outliers. You can also evaluate any diversion from the quality standards for that feed material batch.

Trend reports of raw material per supplier

Over time, the nutritional values collected in MyNutriOpt provide an overview that helps you anticipate and act on trends. As a result, you are more in control of your resources and can adjust your strategy to meet your market’s needs while lowering your costs.

Calculation of nutritional values

MyNutriOpt is connected to a robust nutritional database based on Trouw Nutrition’s extensive R&D work. With this, we ensure the calculated nutritional profiles from the analysed feed materials are as accurate and up to date as possible.

Easily export data into LCF software

With one touch of a button, the nutritional values can be exported from MyNutriOpt. You can then upload the file in your least cost formulation (LCF) software. As a result, you always have the most accurate values to formulate new diets and can adjust current formulations when needed.

All the feed data in one place

In MyNutriOpt, all feed information is centrally stored and helps easier and more efficient collaboration between the different disciplines at a feed mill or integrator. This is because everyone sees and works with the same feed data. It also means less hassle and fewer manual errors.

MyNutriOpt helps you with


  • more time saved

  • improved supplier management

  • more efficient feed formulation

  • easier collaboration

  • optimal animal performance

For us, MyNutriOpt stands for speed and safety for raw material analysis. We saw an improvement in productivity and costs, since we formulate our final feed based on the results of raw material analysis coming from NIR. We are able to filter our raw material’s suppliers, so they supply us with the best raw material quality.
Luana Vacondio, Quality control responsible at Confina Alimentos – Brazil

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