Mycotoxin contamination impacts animal health and performance. The result: lost revenue. Mycotoxins and their metabolites can also enter the food chain via milk and eggs.

TOXO-MX is part of the Mycotoxin Risk Management programme that helps identify, reduce and monitor the risk of mycotoxins in raw materials and complete feed.

Product application

TOXO-MX should be used in case of mycotoxin contamination in raw materials or complete feed. It can be incorporated into the feeding programme via premixes or feed. 



  • Binds and eliminates mycotoxins
  • Reduces mycotoxin bioavailability in GIT
  • Mitigates animal performance impairment caused by mycotoxin exposure


  • Highly purified smectite clays
  • To be used for swine, poultry, ruminants and aquatic species (other species can be discussed with your local Trouw Nutrition representative)
  • Strong validation across the globe

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