AgroCares is a Dutch AgroTech company based in Wageningen. With a passionate team of scientists, agronomists, IT specialists and lab analysts we contribute to solving the world food gap. We achieve this by providing the people who produce our food with cutting edge solutions to measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil (SoilCares), in feed (FeedCares) and in leaf (LeafCares) which ultimately leads to sustainable yield and production increases. Clients and solutions range from basic nutrient testing solutions for smallholder farmers to enabling large agro holdings to analyse, monitor and manage the variation of nutrients in soil, animal feed or leaf. AgroCares has also developed a Scoutbox to identify and count harmful insects in greenhouses (InsectCares).

Innovative sensor technology

By developing and deploying innovative sensor technology (NIR, MIR & XRF), in combination with a database, we are able to provide quick and affordable nutrient testing and recommendation services. Due to its mobile and affordable character, our technology is suitable for precision farming even in remote areas and/or to support small-scale farming. Our clients can monitor variation in nutrients in soil, feed or leaf or choose for (customizable) recommendation services.


It is our mission to contribute to solving the world food gap by developing precision farming technology that puts
expert knowledge into the hands of the people that produce our food around the world.


Our vision is to reach millions of food producers worldwide. We want to achieve this via a global distribution network of partners that employ our products and services.

Apps are key to our business model

Apps are key to our services. Together with our products, a handheld scanner and a mobile sensor lab, our apps enable real-time nutrient testing & monitoring. Depending on the app(s) our clients are using, they pay an annual license fee.

Database-driven technology

The real intelligence behind our services is in databases we use and the algorithms it employs to generate reports and recommendations based on sensor readings. Our soil database is now operational in 22 countries, including 7 in Africa. The database is continuously being expanded in our Golden Standard Laboratory (GSL), where thousands of calibration soil samples from all over the world are being analyzed with different wet chemistry methods using strictly standardized protocols. Each sample is also analyzed using our sensor technology to make comparisons and incorporation into the database possible. Our nutritional database connects to the Trouw nutrition database, one of our key partners. Our leaf database is currently being developed.

Key strategic alliances

AgroCares forms strategic alliances with partners from all over the world. AgroCares has key strategic partnerships with companies like Rabobank Foundation, Trouw Nutrition (a Nutreco company) and the Worldbank to accomplish our mission.

Our people

Another key asset is our extensive team of specialists. AgroCares counts many qualified scientists, researchers and consultants who have been working in the agricultural field for decades, as well as skillful and experienced software developers and product designers. We connect agronomic knowledge to state-of-the-art sensor technologies and data-mining techniques.