Prof Dr Leo den Hartog

Director R&D Trouw Nutrition and part-time professor Wageningen University

Professor Dr Leo den Hartog is director of R&D, Trouw Nutrition, and part-time professor in Sustainable Animal Nutrition in Production Chains at Wageningen University. It was from this same university that den Hartog graduated in Animal Sciences in 1978, and where he obtained his PhD on the relationship between nutrition and fertility in gilts and sows in 1984.

In 1989, den Hartog received the Henneberg Lehmann Award from the University of Göttingen, Germany. In 1999, he accepted an honorary PhD from the University of Kaposvar, Hungary. In 2014, he was given the Molenaar Award from the Animal Nutrition magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium. This award is given every two years to a person for his or her contribution to the animal feed and additive industry.

Den Hartog's extensive experience in animal production is reflected in over 450 scientific and applied articles and seven books as author or co-author. To date, he has given more than 600 lectures in over 35 different countries. He has also been chairman of Dutch trade missions on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa.


Presentation abstract

Focus on Innovation

Dr Leo den Hartog, Director R & D at Trouw Nutrition, and Professor of Sustainable Animal Nutrition in Production Chains at Wageningen University, kicked off the official opening of the Trouw Nutrition Calf & Beef Research Facility in April by welcoming the over 300 participants from 40 countries in attendance and explaining the extraordinary challenge that lies ahead for the entire agriculture sector.

He noted that within the last century, worldwide population has increased from one billion to seven billion and is expected to reach an incredible nine billion by the year 2050. Given those figures, he explained the importance of research and development, and its role in finding sustainable solutions to feed the ever-growing worldwide demand for animal proteins.

Professor den Hartog stressed Trouw Nutrition's commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding this challenge by doubling its investment in R & D in the coming years and by conceiving of, building, and operating its new state-of-the-art Calf & Beef Research Facility. He also emphasized the importance of continuing to collaborate with leading universities, research institutions and new colleagues in innovation, including those at Trouw Nutrition's worldwide scientific validation centers. Professor den Hartog went on to say that by focusing on developing new technologies with local applications, Trouw Nutrition will help in bringing innovations to the marketplace in a quicker and more efficient way

Innovative solutions

Trouw Nutrition focus areas include improving animal health and welfare, increasing feed efficiency, improving models and services, and furthering developments in the LifeStart Program, which, at its core, is about unlocking the genetic potential of each and every animal.

Professor den Hartog emphasized the importance of two essential motives for Trouw Nutrition: innovation and sustainability. Innovation, he explained, has always been at the heart of the parent company, Nutreco, and its commitment to optimizing nutritional solutions and animal performance. By always looking to incorporate new technologies to help the research along, like at this new facility, he explained that innovative and cutting-edge solutions are more possible now than ever before. And this is of the essence, according to den Hartog.

Because as the world population continues to increase, all solutions will need to be sustainable. And coming up with sustainable solutions to the ever-growing demand for animal protein is the kind of long-term problem-solving that Trouw Nutrition is uniquely equipped for.

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