Our traineeship programme offers interesting and challenging learning opportunities around the globe. In order to fulfil our mission of "feeding the future" we are currently looking for trainees.

Step 1

During the first month of the programme, you'll attend a week-long induction at Trouw Nutrition Global Head Office in the Netherlands where you will meet other programme participants. 

This will be the chance for you to get to know the business, start building your network and learnig key skills to prepare you for your placements. 

For the rest of the month, you will be immersed into the day-to day Operations in the Operating Company (Opco) you applied for. 

This is your chance to start meeting your local team and learn about your first projects with your Line Manager. 

Step 1: Developing extra skills

Doing real-life projects

Step 2

Over the next 18 months, you will work as part of the Opco Operations team responsible for leading projects that may have different objectives such as improving factory or supply chain efficiency.

You will have the opportunity to present your results to Senior Management and receive on-going supoort from both the local and glocal teams. 

This is also the time you will meet your mentor, who will be a Senior Regional Manager. Your mentor will be available for guidance and support, but also to provide advice as necessary. 

The aim of this placement is to develop a foundation of skills and knowledge which will prepare you for the second placement and beyond.

Step 3

After the first 18 months, you will start a new placement in a different Operating Company and country.

You will get to experience new working and lifestyle cultures, which is vital considering the Global nature of Trouw Nutrition.You will have the same level of support and guidance with local and global teams, but this time you will take on projects with larger scope and responsibility.

You can apply the knowledge from the first placement to accelerate your development and build a stronger network within Trouw Nutrition for the future!

Gaining global experience